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VPS-1 $4.95
64Mb | 5Gb | 100Gb
VPS-2 $9.95
128Mb | 10Gb | 200Gb
VPS-3 $15.95
256Mb | 15Gb | 400Gb
VPS-4 $23.95
512Mb | 20Gb | 600Gb
VPS-5 $31.95
1024Mb | 30Gb | 800Gb
VPS-6 $43.95
2048Mb | 40Gb | 1000Gb

VPS is a kind of hosting that allows to isolate server resources by means of virtualization technology. One physical server is split into multiple independent virtual machines.

Advantage of this technology is partitioning of users within the server. Each user is free to manage his own VPS, install specific software and allocate system resources among processes.

If the VPS system faults, the user can reboot the server himself, which does not affect the physical server's performance.
Besides, with virtual hosting you will be able to use your own IP-address.

You do not share it with other users. Each VPS has its own IP-address, and you can order additional ones. There are no limits on the number of sites, data bases, domain zones, ssh/ftp/e-mail users.

Comparison with other types of hosting

VPS vs. Virtual Hosting

VPS advantages:
  • Full root access to the system.
  • No limits on WWW domains, data bases, domain zones, ssh / ftp / email users.
  • VPS has limits on system resources only.
  • With a virtual private server you can set your own firewall and restrict connections to your server.
  • All other customers will not affect your VPS.
  • You can install software and applications you need, so you don't depend on web hosts and avoid time delays and expenses.
  • VPS disadvantage:
  • It may seem to be too expensive to host your websites on a dedicated server, but when you compare it to shared hosting, you will see that it is worth using it.
  • VPS vs. Dedicated Server

    VPS advantages:
  • Dedicated server is much more expensive than VPS.
  • Our specialists will install the software for you. This secures your VPS from intrusion and old software versions. If you are running a dedicated server, you will have to do it yourself. Are you sure you can do it in time and in proper way?
  • VPS disadvantage :
  • Dedicated server has more resources than VPS hosting.

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