11/09/2016 Virusdie Antivirus Module for ISPmanager 5.59.0 is now available
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VPS-1 $4.95
64Mb | 5Gb | 100Gb
VPS-2 $9.95
128Mb | 10Gb | 200Gb
VPS-3 $15.95
256Mb | 15Gb | 400Gb
VPS-4 $23.95
512Mb | 20Gb | 600Gb
VPS-5 $31.95
1024Mb | 30Gb | 800Gb
VPS-6 $43.95
2048Mb | 40Gb | 1000Gb

Take when you need, pay for the used!

Standard VPS packages have one significant disadvantage: all of them have limits on system resources. The virtualization system doesn’t allow your server to exceed CPU or RAM limits, which results in slow functioning of your sites or denied access to services from part of your site.

The VPS-Unlimited package is based on a different approach allowing you to solve all the above problems by using unlimited resources: “Take when you need and pay for the used”.

VPS-Unlimited provides a certain amount of resources with their cost included into the monthly fee. Your server can exceed the package limits and use unlimited amount of resources. You will need to pay according to daily usage statistics.

This new package does not mean that you cannot use existing packages. First, VPS-Unlimited is more expensive. Second, it is great, if one of our standard packages meets your business needs, but if you have high resource-consuming and/or busy sites, or your server workload is different from day to day, VPS-Unlimited is an ideal solution for you.

VPS-Unlimited CPU RAM Disk space Traffic
Included 800Mhz 256Mb 5Gb 150Gb
Extra usage $0.05/Mhz $0.03/Mb $0.0015/Mb $0.3/Gb
Monthly Price $25

Max CPU – 2400 Mhz, Max RAM – 512 Mb, Max Disk space – 20 Gb.

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