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VPS-2 $9.95
128Mb | 10Gb | 200Gb
VPS-3 $15.95
256Mb | 15Gb | 400Gb
VPS-4 $23.95
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2048Mb | 40Gb | 1000Gb

1.General provisions

1.1. Provider undertakes to render Internet services and Client undertakes to use them in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

1.2. Provider may change the conditions contained therein at any time in his sole discretion, and any of such changes shall be effective in 3 days upon being posted on the Joinvps.com web site. Provider shall notify users about the changes made by email 3 days prior the new Terms and Conditions come into force.

2. Provider’s responsibility

2.1. Provider shall to do everything in his power to provide hardware smooth operation and Client's round-the-clock access to the services rendered.

2.2. Provider shall not distribute confidential information that is used for rendering services to Client.

3. Client’s responsibility

3.1. Client covenants to make full payments by due date for the services received.

3.2. Client shall comply with all the conditions for rendering specific services, described on the Provider’s official web-site and in Appendix 1 of the Terms of User herein.

4. Client has a right to:

4.1. use the received services in his sole discretion for commercial use or other purposes;

4.2. retain control and ownership of his domain name. Provider shall have no rights of ownership of the domain names lodged on his servers. Provider shall guarantee that no domain names will be used by Provider.

5. Client shall not:

5.1. use the services for any illegal activity or get the services by any illegal manner;

5.2. use the services in any manner that can endanger security and defence capacity of the state, health and security of other people;

5.3. use the services to transmit any information that can contravene international law in force, distribute any information that may offence human dignity, and spread any propaganda or agitation that may arose national or race enmity or discord;

5.4. post, transmit or otherwise distribute any information or software which contains viruses, Trojan horses, worms or other harmful components that may damage other computers available from the Web;

5.5. use the services to transmit or place information that infringes any copyright and neighbouring rights, applicable trademarks, patents, trade secrets, software or database rights, or other intellectual property right protected by law;

5.6. use or transmit email lists for sending information that is undesirable for recipients; distribute, advertise and promote software products or services that provide unauthorized email or any spam;

5.7. use the Provider’s resources in order to send unauthorized email or spam;

5.8. host web-sites on the Provider’s servers that are advertised by mailing, regardless whether this mailing was sent by means of Provider’s resources or any third party resources;

5.9. use the Provider’s resources in order to publish search spam either on the Provider’s servers or on any third party’s servers;

5.10. install the software listed in the Appendix 1 herein;

6. Provider has a right to:

6.1. immediately withdraw all Internet services and force Client to stop violating the rules in case of any breach of Clause 5 therein by Client. Provider has a right to stop rendering the services and to charge for the damage that Provider suffered due to such violations;

6.2. Provider reserves control and ownership of any IP-addresses that are assigned to Client. Provider reserves the right to change or remove any IP-address. Provider reserves control and ownership of any domain names (Joinvps.com, vpsjoin.com) and all associated subdomains. Provider reserves the right to change and remove Provider’s subdomains from servers belonging to Client;

6.3. Provider reserves the right to restrict the execution of Client's scripts that cause system overload and server malfunctioning;

6.4. block and delete later on all Client’s resources that are not paid for by due date. Client’s resources are removed automatically 14 days after the Client’s fund has been debited from his account.

7. Provider takes no responsibility for:

7.1. any damage that Client suffered due to his password lose, interruption in providing services, misuse of services or incorrect interpretation of technical support;

7.2. any damage that Client or third party suffered as a result of unplanned interruptions in providing services for reasons beyond Provider’s control;

7.3. Client takes sole responsibility for any warranties resulting from any deal or other actions with third parties. Provider assumes no responsibility for the results of Clients’ actions.

Appendix 1. The following services are not allowed on JoinVPS

1. Real-time chat applications that require server resources, such as Jimbot, etc.

2. The Onion Router (Tor) exit nodes.

3. IRCd must be legally used and can be removed without prior notice and explanation

4. Any of the Proxy systems must be legally used and can be removed without prior notice and explanation

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