11/09/2016 Virusdie Antivirus Module for ISPmanager 5.59.0 is now available
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VPS-1 $4.95
64Mb | 5Gb | 100Gb
VPS-2 $9.95
128Mb | 10Gb | 200Gb
VPS-3 $15.95
256Mb | 15Gb | 400Gb
VPS-4 $23.95
512Mb | 20Gb | 600Gb
VPS-5 $31.95
1024Mb | 30Gb | 800Gb
VPS-6 $43.95
2048Mb | 40Gb | 1000Gb

Each VPS has more than 1 Gb of pre-installed software for hosting and web-sites development. But you can compile and install any software (including FreeBSD packages and ports) using Unix methods. In this case all the pre-installed software will occupy the disk space of your VPS. On the VPS basis you can place main and secondary domain servers.

When purchasing a VPS hosting you can specify the software package to be installed on your VPS. We provide FreeBSD and Linux-based VPS. These operating systems use various virtualization systems. That' why when choosing an operating system, please, consider the followings:



1. "FreeBSD-8-ISPmanager" - FreeBSD 8 on ISPmanager (recommended)

The latest version of the FreeBSD operating system and software products, such as Apache 2.2, MySQL 5, PHP 5, Perl 5.10.1., are installed on the VPS. We recommend this software to all our clients.

2. "FreeBSD-8-Minimal" – FreeBSD 8 Base installation

FreeBSD 8 base package is installed on the VPS. Apache, ISPmanager, MySQL and other popular packages are not installed there.

If necessary, you can install the required software yourself. This is an ideal solution for those who want to apply their own configuration. We recommend using this type of VPS only for advanced administrators.

Linux OS

If there is an element "ISPmanager" in the name of a software package, this means that the ISPmanager control panel and additional hosting software package will be installed on this VPS.

Linux Software packages for VPS:

1. centos-5-i386-default-5.4-20100216

2. centos-5.4-i386-ispmanager

3. debian-5.0-i386-ispmanager

4. debian-5.0-i386-minimal

5. fedora-12-i386-default-20100216

6. slackware-12.0-i386-minimal

7. ubuntu-10.04-minimal_10.04_i386

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