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Registering a domain name WWW domains, mail domains, domain names modules
Purchasing the services Using an existing domain
Domain registration time Transferring a domain from another registrar
Records on ns1, ns2 servers DNS record types
Private Name Servers Subdomains of the third and higher levels
Renewing a domain name Changing a Name server of the domain registered through Joinvps.com
ISPmanager domain user (video) ISPmanager domain root (video)

Registering a domain name

Go to ISPmanager -> the “'WWW Domains” module to click the "Add WWW domain" icon and add a new domain name.

Purchasing the services

Unlike hosting services, you need to pay the whole year for using the domain name service, that is why you need to have sufficient funds on your personal account.

Domain registration time

Once your order has been processed, it may take some time to renew a domain zone and DNS cash. A domain will be activated within several hours.

Records on ns1.joinvps.com, ns2.joinvps.com servers

ISPmanager simplifies adding master or slave (secondary) DNS domains on the server. After the master records have been added, it can automatically add slave records.

Private Name Servers

Private name servers would be ns1.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com. You are given your own IP address for the second server (ns2); the first IP address is located on your server, the second one is on your DNS server. When using private name servers, the domains such as name.domain.com won't be accessible.

Renewing a domain name

There are two methods for renewing a domain name. The first method: if you register a domain with Joinvps.com, your account is set to "Auto Renew" by default. This means that your domain will be automatically renewed using your credit card information. You can disable the “Auto Renew” function.

The second method: log in to the ISPmanager control panel to view a list of your domain names, then click the "Renew" icon to renew your domain name(s).

WWW domains, mail domains, domain names modules

A WWW domain is created when creating your account. An email domain is created on a Mail server. When you add records into "WWW domains", ISPmanager automatically creates the records in "Domain names".

Using an existing domain

There are two ways to host your domain at Joinvps.com:

1. You can use our name servers. Submit a DNS modification request to the company where you registered your domain and provide Joinvps's Primary and Secondary Name Server information (ns1.domain.com and ns2.domain.com). If you use the 'Private Name Servers' service, provide your registrar with your server information (ns1.domain.com and ns2.domain.com) and their IP addresses.

2. If you choose a third-party DNS server and do not want to host your domain on our name servers, you can add appropriate records into your DNS pointing to your web-server's IP address.

Transferring a domain from another registrar

When transferring a .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, or .us domain to Joinvps.com, a customer will need to contact his registrar to change the owner and confirm the transfer by providing a confirmation code. The system will generate a code and email it to the administrative contact (as per WHOIS data) within 24 hours of transfer request submission. The confirmation code is generally a six or seven digit number. Make sure that you have not added any spaces while submitting the code, otherwise you may receive an error message.

DNS record types

The DNS (Domain Name System) records manage the functionality of domain names. Each registered domain name has a DNS record that consists of sub records including MX, A, and CNAME.

A (address) maps a host name to an IP address. CNAME (canonical name) records. It sets an alias for a host name.

MX (mail exchange) specified a mail exchange server for the domain that allows to deliver mail to correct mail servers on this domain. The MX-record identifies not an IP address, but the name of a mail server. That's why, the A-record for the referenced mail server must exist (not necessarily on your server), otherwise there won't be any way to find this mail server and communicate with it.

TXT (text) allows to associate some arbitrary and unformatted text with a host or other name. Certain protocols, such as SPF, use this field to store protocol specific data. SRV records identifies the host that supports particular services.

Subdomains of the third and higher levels

As long as your domain (yourdomain.com) is hosted on our servers, you can also other-level domains (anyname.yourdomain.com). Follow the same procedure to create a subdomain. Once you've added it in the "WWW domains" module, the DNS records will be automatically added into the "Domain Names (DNS)" module.

Changing a Name server of the domain registered through Joinvps.com

Submit a ticket to our support center providing the name servers and domains you want to change.

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