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VPS-1 $4.95
64Mb | 5Gb | 100Gb
VPS-2 $9.95
128Mb | 10Gb | 200Gb
VPS-3 $15.95
256Mb | 15Gb | 400Gb
VPS-4 $23.95
512Mb | 20Gb | 600Gb
VPS-5 $31.95
1024Mb | 30Gb | 800Gb
VPS-6 $43.95
2048Mb | 40Gb | 1000Gb

Add-ons provide more functionality to your Virtual Private Server. Following is a detailed description of available VPS add-ons.

Please note! Add-ons and VPS hosting are charged on a daily basis. For example, if you use 100 MB of additional disk space within 10 days, we will charge you not for the whole month, but for this period only.

How to order additional services Additional IP addresses
Additional disk space Your Own Name Servers
Additional RAM Disk space for backups
Additional Bandwidth Daily Full Backup
Unlimited bandwidth

How to order additional services

If you wish to purchase add-ons, please go to BILLmanager at https://my.joinvps.com/ -> the “VPS” module to select your server and click the “VPS configuration” icon. A list of your server's parameters will be shown. Most of them can be modified.

In order to manage additional IP addresses, go to the “VPS" module to select your server and click the “IP-address” icon. A new table will be displayed enabling you to add IP-addresses and cancel existing ones.

Additional disk space (* is not available on Xen VPS hosting)

If the amount of disk space that you are allotted isn't enough for you, you may simply add it to your current service package. Unlike upgrading a package, this is a cost-effective solution.

Additional disk space is billed on a monthly basis for 1 additional MB. For example, if you purchase VPS-First and order 50 MB of disk space, we will charge you 50*0.01=0.5 USD per month.

Additional RAM

Memory is one of the most important parameters for the best VPS performance. RAM is required for a stable server running. If you need more RAM, you can purchase required amount.

Additional RAM is charged monthly for 1 additional MB. For example, if you purchase a VPS and order additional 16 MB of RAM, we will charge you 16*0.15$=2.4$ per month.

Additional Bandwidth

All the Virtual Private Servers packages come with a predetermined amount of monthly bandwidth that you can use for free. If your VPS exceeds the limit, you will be invoiced for additional bandwidth at the end of the current calendar month in accordance with our Terms of use.

Bandwidth cannot be purchased in advance - we only count the amount you have consumed. We calculate the predominant traffic, either outgoing or incoming.

If you wish to view traffic consumption by your VPS, please go to ISPmanager -> the "Total traffic" module. These data are transferred to BILLmanager

Once your monthly traffic limit is over, you will get a corresponding email notification. You can either reduce your bandwidth consumption or upgrade your VPS package according to your business needs. Please, read the information about “Unlimited bandwidth”.

Additional IP addresses

Each Virtual Private Server has a unique IP address. You can purchase up to 256 IP addresses for one VPS, if necessary.

You may need extra IP addresses in one of the following cases:

1. Hosting of multiple web sites over secure SSL (https).
2. Anonymous FTP Servers.
3. Multiple vhosts for psyBNC.

Your Own Name Servers

Each VPS has default Virtual DNS Servers (ns1.our_domain.com and ns2.our_domain.com). You need to provide them as Name Servers (NS) when transferring domains to our hosting or ordering new ones.

You can use your own Virtual DNS Servers, such as type ns1.your_domain and ns2.your_domain at 1$ per month. This DNS type does not greatly differ from our server, but today it is more popular among customers who are reselling hosting. Please note, that slave name server (ns2.your_domain) is located on a remote DNS maintaining its high reliability.

No matter which servers you choose (either our servers or your own Name Servers), you can manage your domains through the ISPmanager control panel -> the "Domain Names" module. ISPmanager will update the information on remote DNS servers.

Disk space for backups

Sometimes our VPS cannot store all backups. So, we would like to offer you to store your backup data on a dedicated backup server. You will be given a FTP account on a dedicated backup server for backing up the server's information.

ISPmanager supports automatic backup and management of backups.

Daily Full Backup (* is not available on Xen VPS hosting)

It’s an alternative way for backing up your data. This service provides daily full backup of all your VPS files. You can recover any of the VPS files from the two last backups.

This method has multiple advantages, for example all the server's files are backed up without adjustments.

Disadvantages: two last copies can be saved, however, if you choose “Disk space for backup copies”, you can store any number of copies, if their size doesn’t exceed the purchased space.

For managing your backup copies, please go to the VDSmanager control panel by clicking the corresponding link in the “Products” module.

Unlimited bandwidth

If you purchase the “Unlimited bandwidth” service, you will never receive invoices for traffic overuse now matter how much traffic you have used. There are no limits on the input or output traffic.

We won't provide you with the “Unlimited bandwidth” service, if you are going to use it for “spam bandwidth” (parasitic bandwidth), such as alignment of other providers' traffic, DDOS attacks, torrent-clients, proxy services, an so on.

Please note, you can enable the “Unlimited bandwidth” only 30 days after you have purchased it.

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